Effective Diabetic Diet Guidelines Revealed- Great For Curing Obesity

Effective Diabetic Diet Guidelines Revealed


Picture of fruits and veggies

Picture of fruits and veggies

A quick footnote before we start. Never change your diabetic diet guidelines or diet regime in general without first consulting your physician.  They must know what you are doing long before you try something new to make sure they approve and that dosage levels don’t become toxic if your blood levels lower.  To learn more about a Natural Diabetic Cure click link.

Even after spending over a $100 million dollars every single day on diets and weight loss program, our country is more obese now than any other time in the history of this country.  With over 30% of our country being obese, obesity is without a doubt, the #1 precursor to diabetes.  If that’s the really bad news, here is the worst news: 95% of all dieters gain their weight back and typically gain even more weight than when they started the diet.

According to OSU medical center, diabetes affects about 23.5 million human beings in our country.  About 17.9 million are diagnosed, although 5.7 million people are not even aware they have the disease. Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death, and the 5th leading cause of death from disease in 2007. Diabetes costs $116 billion a year in medical costs. Obesity and diabetes are proving to be two of the scariest diseases to date, because of their unpredictability.

Here is a typical diabetic diet plan that is published on dozens of websites we found when doing the research on other diabetic diet plans.  Typically, they state that you should consumer 50-60% of our calories from carbohydrates, 12-20% of our diet from proteins and less than 30% from fats. Most diabetic diet plans go on to say, one effective way to manage a diabetic diet is to take the 3 big meals you usually have and turn it into 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks a day. The claim is: that this will keep a balanced level of blood sugar.  Unfortunately, they don’t address the right carbs, the right protein or the right fats and this totally misleads people and eating all day will never let your digestive process to recover.

I recently watched a Dr. Oz show with a segment called:  “cure obesity and diabetes by controlling your diet.  In his cutting  edge books: Live to Eat and The End Of Diabetes, Dr Furhman, claims “Eating foods that are high in nutrient value and fiber, as well as low in calories is the key to curing obesity and diabetes health problems.  He further states that we must eat a diet of predominantly unrefined foods that are nutrient and fiber rich.  I was so intrigued by the segment, I bought both books, since I’m a little overweight and in a pre diabetes zone, according to me physician.

Diabetic diet guidelines – low hanging fruit

Many people are overweight not because they eat so much; it’s that they are getting too many of their calories from fat and refined carbohydrates and low nutrient foods.  Two components should be at the base of every healthy food pyramid: they are vegetables and fruit.  Learn why not all carbs are created equal and even though most diets say avoid carbs, they are missing the healthy diet boat when it comes to these categories.

Diabetic diet guidelines-not the last word

I’m no vegetarian and quite honestly I really never eat fruit of vegetables, but not anymore.  In two week I have dropped 9 pounds.  I will be testing my blood levels real soon.  Either of these books are a must read to: learn about the lack of success typical diets have and why, how continuing with your regular diet plan is dangerous to your health and longevity and why.  More importantly everyone needs to get on the right health path and diabetic dietguidelines to eliminate both obesity and diabetes forever.  Check out this article on breaking the bad carb myth.

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A Diabetic Diet Should Follow Some Important Guidelines

A diabetic diet can be very helpful if you have this condition and need to make some dietary and lifestyle modifications. Every patient is different, with varying medical conditions and nutritional requirements. When diabetes is first diagnosed you will usually be set up with an appointment for professional dietary counseling with a registered dietitian. The dietician will explain what your nutritional needs are and the best way to meet these needs without causing havoc with your blood sugar levels.

A diet that is high in soluble fiber is ideal, and should also contain large amounts of antioxidants. Both of these components help t clean out the body and will magnifying glasshelp manage diabetes as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables do contain some natural sugars but most varieties should be included in large amounts on a daily basis. Try to include many colors, because each color represents certain nutrients and antioxidants. A wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables can help meet your nutritional needs and keep your diabetes from worsening.

Some diets for diabetes follow the carbohydrate amounts, and others follow the glycemic index for food. Make sure that you understand which method is used for the diet you will follow, and that you can follow the guidelines properly. Your diet should be designed to minimize any glucose or insulin spikes after you eat. This often means choosing complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbs.

Complex carbs take longer to break down and digest. These carbs have a lower impact on blood sugar than simple carbohydrates which are quickly broken down and absorbed by the body. The dietician may also recommend certain nutritional supplements if your diet does not contain the ideal mix of nutrients needed for optimal health. This may include a multi vitamin supplement that is sugar free or you may need to take other nutrients and compounds in supplement form as well.

The diabetic guidelines will include lists of foods that are ideal. This can include certain herbs and spices, including cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Both of these spices have a positive impact on blood sugar regulation and can help control your diabetes with diet more effectively.

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